Wet Sugar

The name Wet Sugar comes from its texture which is like wet sugar that hasn’t been fully dissolved yet. With its grainy texture, Wet Sugar has a high terpene content. In some instances, you may even see what look like puddles of terpenes. Ranging in color from light yellow to amber, Wet Sugar is often easier to handle than others due to its thicker properties.

Our concentrates sell out fast! Be sure to check back often or visit one of our local dispensary partners for product availability.

Ways to Use

Dabbing is the most common way to use Wet Sugar. Be mindful of your surroundings and remember to start with low dose to wait for the effects before consuming more.

Product Ingredients

All Heartland concentrates are made with only 100% cannabis, some companies add in artificial terpenes or cannabinoids and we don’t.

Packaging Specifics

Each package contains 1g of Heartland Labs premium Wet Sugar.

Try It For Yourself!

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