Heartland Labs partners with Missouri Wild Alchemy and MOJO for exclusive drop hitting shelves today

Article Originally found at Greenway Magazine.

When you get something right, you do it again.

In the case of Heartland Labs and MOJO that means partnering together again to create another super limited drop offering of some of the state’s highest-quality concentrates.

But this time, the collaboration is a bit more… Wild.

Heartland’s newest offering sees the talented team partnering with Missouri Wild Alchemy and MOJO dispensaries to create the state’s first applesauce concentrates.

Blue Raspberry Parfait Applesauce will be offered exclusively at MOJO and Missouri Wild Alchemy locations, the limited production drop is a cross-branded concoction that will be sure to delight the state’s most discerning cannabis consumers.

Greenway spoke to Heartland’s Hayden Pearcy, MOJO’s Caleb Schwien, and Missouri Wild Alchemy’s Jason Crady about what goes into making something unique.

MOJO and Heartland partnered previously on the tremendously successful MOJO Punch, how did Missouri Wild Alchemy get looped in this time?

Hayden Pearcy: Heartland Labs has worked with MOJO and Missouri Wild Alchemy since products began hitting shelves. With the unique insight that both groups have always brought to the table, we just knew a collaboration with both of them would be ideal for the patients of Missouri.

Caleb Schwien: We’ve known Jason (of Missouri Wild Alchemy) and his wife from the beginning and connected over being family owned and operated. Owners from Missouri Wild and MOJO come from strong pharmaceutical backgrounds and are like-minded so it was a perfect fit.

What was the development process like between the companies?

Caleb Schwien: With the success and feedback of MOJO Punch; we knew it was only a matter of time before we wanted to partner up again and create something else for patients to enjoy. We have been watching what is new to the market and thought we would try our hand at an applesauce consistency. Heartland recently sourced some nugg run that they were excited about; so we took the opportunity to utilize it and create Blue Raspberry Parfait!

Was there ever a moment where it felt like too many chefs in the kitchen?

Caleb Schwien: Never! We have a great working relationship with the Heartland crew as well as Missouri Wild Alchemy. 

Hayden Pearcy: No, we all came to this project each bringing a fresh perspective. With the insight into what the Missouri customers want, coming from MOJO and Missouri Wild Alchemy, we were able to create something very special.

Caleb Schwien: We all bring a unique perspective to the table and the collaborative effort is what makes this product so special.

What can you tell me about the Blue Raspberry Parfait Applesauce and its production?

Caleb Schwien: It’s a cross between Blueberry Muffin from 1913 and Raspberry Parfait from Robust. It is extracted from full nugs meaning it’s higher quality than a product derived from trim. Better input equals better output. Hayden and the rest of the Heartland crew initially worked their magic and brought in the MOJO crew to help mix it to its final consistency.

Hayden Pearcy: It is always fun working with a new consistency like applesauce. Especially when we can tie it to some unique strains grown by some of the top-tier cultivators in the state.

What makes it unique?

Hayden Pearcy: The strain selection combined with the consistency. The Blueberry muffin we sourced from 1913 is as advertised in its name, exactly like a blueberry muffin. The Raspberry parfait had a very strong earthy smell up front with a sweet candy finish. When we mixed them together it was the best of both worlds.

Caleb Schwien: It is an applesauce consistency meaning small crushed-up diamonds mixed with badder. This mixture keeps the ratio of diamonds to badder consistent throughout each use; meaning both the flavor and effect are consistent as well. Notes of creamy dreamy Blue Raspberries come through beautifully with this one.

Another super limited drop, Blue Raspberry Parfait Applesauce drops today exclusively at Missouri Wild Alchemy and MOJO locations.

Jason Crady: We are so excited about this product launch and to have Heartland in the house to talk with patients about this cannabis transmutation starting Friday while supplies last.

Caleb Schwien: It’s a limited run so once it is gone it’s gone!