Heartland Labs emphasizes health, debuts infused transdermal patches under Heartland Holistics line

Article originally found at Greenway Magazine.

Heartland Labs has been one of Missouri marijuana’s best stories since its inception.

In 2022, industry peers named Heartland Start-Up of the Year, recognizing the family-owned and operated business for its quality, innovation, and consistent offerings.

Heartland burst into the Missouri space early on with its Sweet Stone branded baked goods and edibles, bringing infused honey and family recipe cookies that quickly captivated the state’s cannabis consumers. 

Over the last two years, Heartland has become a hallmark brand, offering some of the state’s best concentrates in addition to the company’s established edibles and award-winning topical, the Herbal ReLeaf Salve, a collaboration with Elder Farms.

In 2022, the company has an invigorated focus on the medicinal aspects of medical marijuana and holistic health. Earlier this year, the company launched its Heartland Holistics line with its first offering, the Elderberry Immune Shot, another collaboration with Elder farms. The Elderberry Immune shot is crafted from locally sourced elderberries and honey with other natural antioxidants. The 1:1 shot packs 40mg CBD and 40mg THC inside.

Now, Heartland Holistics launches the state’s first transdermal THC-infused patches. Entering the market with four separate offerings, the patches offer patients the ability to medicate safely without unwanted side effects. 

“One of Heartland’s missions in this industry has always been to deliver high-quality medicinal products in a discreet fashion, and we saw transdermal patches as the next step,” Heartland Labs Lab Director Hayden Pearcy told Greenway.

Heartland has partnered with Oregon-based Synergy Skin Worx to create the offering.

“We are using Matrix style patches with pressure-activated adhesive, they can be worn in water, during physical activity, or regular daily activities,” explained Heartland’s Director of Operations, Maddi Pearcy. “The patches are time released; over the duration of the patch, ours range from 12 hours to 24 hours, a minimal amount of medicine is released every hour – depending on the dosage, but about 2+ milligrams per hour. Since it is such a small amount of cannabinoids released every hour, there are minimal psychoactive effects from the patches.”

“The relationship between Heartland and Synergy Skin Worx seemed to just form naturally,” stated Hayden Pearcy. “With them perfecting and creating new ways for patients to consume their medicine, we wanted to partner with an industry leader before entering into this space. After one conversation with them, we knew this was the best fit for us and for Missouri patients as a whole.”

Heartland Holistics will offer four distinct transdermal patches:

  • 50mg FECO Patch (12hr release) 
  • Morning Patch (12hr release, 10mg CBD, 20mg CBG, 20mg THC) 
  • Night Patch (12hr release, 20mg CBD, 20mg CBN, 20mg THC) 
  • High Dose Patch (24hr release, 30mg CBD, 40mg THC) 
High Dose Patch | Heartland Holistics

“We developed our formulas to aid in all parts of a patient’s life,” Maddi Pearcy said. “The Morning patch has 20mg of CBG which is known to have energy boosting effects; whereas our Night patch has 20mg of CBN which has relaxing properties.” 

 “A unique, standout fact about transdermal patches is the time release factor,” Hayden Pearcy told us. “Depending on the strength of the patch and the cannabinoid makeup, you will be getting anywhere from 2+ mg of THC and an additional 2-4mg of the additional cannabinoids based on the patch formula released into your system every hour for as long as the life span of the transdermal patch.”

Maddi Pearcy added, “During our research and production of FECO, we have gotten a lot of feedback on how beneficial FECO really is. Having a consistent 12-hour release of FECO into a person’s system can help so many patients in so many ways. The High Dose patch is our only 24-hour patch at this point, it is geared toward pain management.”

For many patients, transdermal patches are uncharted territory. With that in mind, Hayden Pearcy offers a few pieces of advice on how to properly use the patches and what to expect.

“It is suggested that the patch be placed on a veinous location for best circulation, but it can also be applied directly where it hurts.,” Hayden Pearcy explained. “If the patient is beginning to feel uncomfortable, or the effects are too strong, the patch can be removed, and the effects will subside in 30-45 minutes.”

Morning Patch | Heartland Holistics

For patients looking to try Missouri’s first transdermal THC patches, Heartland Holistics patches are currently available at:

  • Bloc Dispensary in Farmington
  • Blue Sage Cannabis Deli
  • Cassville Dispensary
  • Green Releaf
  • Jane Dispensary
  • Missouri Health and Wellness 
  • Missouri Wild Alchemy 
  • MOJO in Nixa
  • Nature Med
  • Old Route 66
  • Organic Remedies
  • ReLeaf Resources
  • Revival 98
  • Shangri-La
  • Star Buds

For more information about Heartland Labs and Heartland Holistics, visit their website at www.heartlandlab.com or follow them on social media, @heartlandlabs420