Greenway Best of the Industry: Heartland Labs, Start-Up of the Year

Article originally found at Greenway Magazine.

As the cannabis industry grows it brings with it more operators and a better variety of offerings and products for Missouri patients and purchasers. While many of the companies highlighted this year are vertical operations one noticeable exception is Heartland Labs. A small business in comparative scale to some of Missouri’s operators, the family-owned and operated company has brought a passion for cannabis and quality to help carve its niche. The company prides itself on the fact that its ownership and staff are comprised of native Missourians and that its Sweet Stone edibles products are crafted from family recipes. 

Voted as Start-Up of the Year by Greenway readers, Heartland Labs has made an impression on the Missouri cannabis industry. Heartland was also awarded Best Topical.

Greenway recently spoke to Maddi Pearcy, Director of Operations for Heartland Enterprises, about what makes Heartland Labs stand out in a sea of green.

“2021 was a big year for Heartland Labs,” Pearcy said. “Our first delivery went out April 2, 2021 and it seems like it hasn’t slowed down since then. We have learned so much in the past year and have been able to grow our initial product offering to tailor the needs and wants of patients.”

What endears Heartland to patients and others in the industry?

We pride ourselves on having high-quality products and providing the best service to the patients of Missouri.

How does heartland stay competitive as the Missouri market continues to grow?

We intend to stay competitive by keeping in tune to what the patients’ needs and wants are.

Can you talk about some of the employees and leadership that help drive Heartland’s success?

Our entire staff has helped push Heartland to where it currently is. We have really great people working on our team and we take everyone’s opinion and ideas into consideration. The primary focus of our operation from the beginning has and continues to be the patients of Missouri. 

What makes Heartland products unique?

For our edible line, Sweet Stone, all of our products use family recipes. Our Lab Director, Hayden Pearcy, developed our gummy line and our cookie recipes have been in the family for years. Since the medical marijuana program is put forth by Missourians, for Missourians, we have tried to source all of the products we can from within our state. Our local infused honey is sourced from hives across the state, and we source our CBD from a local hemp and elderberry farm.

What plans are on the horizon for the company?

We plan to continue to expand our product line to meet the changing demands of the patients. As the market has matured and continues to do so, we will continue to develop safe, effective, and enjoyable products for the patients of Missouri.