Cannabis Terminology. Learn the Terms and You Can Feel Like a Pro.

Heartland Labs is here to help everyone learn the terminology so you can feel empowered when speaking about cannabis. We’ll have lots of additional entries under the heading of Cannabis Terminology but here’s our first list of 10: 

  1. 420: 420 is code for the consumption of marijuana. It’s also why most associated with cannabis have April 20 as a date of celebration each year. 
  2. Bag: A bag is a package of marijuana of any sort. 
  3. Bong: A bong is a device used for smoking marijuana. It filters the smoke through water making it not as harsh as smoking it with a joint. 
  4. Joint or Doobie: A joint or doobie is cigarette-like. Most people roll their own but with the growing prevalence of retail cannabis shops, more and more pre-rolls are available on the market. 
  5. One-Hitter: Not to be confused with baseball, a one-hitter in the cannabis world is a small pipe designed to deliver “one hit” of cannabis and then it must be refilled for another hit. 
  6. Edible: Edible refers to any food or drink containing cannabis. From morning protein shakes to cookies to pasta…and everything in between. 
  7. Grass, Pot, Weed, Herb, Mary Jane, Reefer, Tea: These are all slang terms for cannabis. 
  8. Bowl: A bowl is the part of a bong that is filled with cannabis for smoking consumption. 
  9. Budtender: A person employed by a cannabis retail dispensary to work with each customer. The job of the budtender is to make you feel at ease and suggest products based on your profile. 
  10. Hemp: Hemp has been around for a lot of years and grown for things like rope, clothing, but it’s actually the lower THC-producing part of the cannabis plant. 

This is it for Lesson 1. Stay tuned for Lesson 2 because hopefully, you’ll find it just as interesting as Lesson 1.