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What makes Heartland Labs so different? We get this question a lot. We believe there’s something special about our brands. That’s because each of our products has been carefully crafted to perfection over time and infused with love and care. Our brands are special because they are simply the best. From our family to you.

Heartland Labs

At Heartland Labs, we utilize state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction equipment with lab-grade, high-purity solvents from our concentration line. Edibles and other consumables are infused with distillate, a further refined and higher purity concentrate, for the most consistent, quality products for you.

With specialized in-house product testing, everything we do is tested twice ensuring potency, dosing, and quality meets our standards, state regulated standards and your standards. We take pride in what we do, the quality of equipment, purity of solvents, and our professional staff.

Simply the Best…From Our Family to You.

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Heartland Holistics

Our Heartland Holistics line is designed to provide an integrated approach to the wellness needs of Missourians. Stringent processes combined with the best ingredients are what it takes to make great products.

From our award-winning Transdermal Patches to our Native Ozarks Infused Honey to the Elderberry Immune Shot plus more, we are committed to providing superior products to address each and every health demand.

Simply the Best…From Our Family to You.

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Sweet Stone

Sweet Stone is Heartland Labs premier cannabis-infused edibles line. We use high quality ingredients for all of our products and infuse them with our own premium distillate. Since we use distillate, a pure, tasteless and odorless concentrate, you get effective and safe products that taste just how our family recipe’s intended.

With a variety of products from cookies to gummies, and infused honey, Sweet Stone is dedicated to providing effective, safe and delicious cannabis infused edibles to the State of Missouri.

Simply the Best…From Our Family to You.

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